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"Make us instruments of your peace."

Our community was founded in England in 1905 and its first ministry was to the dock workers and their families. From the beginning the community shared in the stresses and strains of the life of the poor, being continually faced with the challenge to live the Gospel in a particular time and place. The sisters came to the United States in 1974 and since then we have engaged in many types of ministry, but with special concern for the poor, the marginalized and the sick.

A Sister's work depends upon interest, talents, and the needs which call for her response. We can be found in hospitals and nursing homes; among the homeless, immigrants and people with AIDS; teaching student deacons and serving on diocesan commissions; providing spiritual direction and directing retreats in parish churches. In all things we strive to be instruments of God's love.

"Blessed are those servants who would love and respect their brothers and sisters."

Through the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, we form a community which provides us with support in our life of prayer, study and work, and also creates a concrete context for the daily living out of our ideals as we strive through God's grace to love despite imperfections and failings. An important part of our Franciscan calling as a community is hospitality, so we welcome visitors.

"My God and My All"

For over 800 years Franciscans have been known for their active service to the poor, and certainly the needs which cry to us are very compelling. However, as for St. Francis, this active service in the world begins and ends in prayer. We attempt to keep a dialogue between the active life of preaching and serving and the life of prayer. This dialogue is aided by our round of daily offices, Eucharist, and times of corporate and private prayer. The heart of our house is the chapel.

The American Province of the Community of St. Francis is part of the First Order of the Society of St. Francis, which is richly blessed by having Sisters in Britain and Korea as well as Friars in America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Our Franciscan family also includes Second Order (contemplative) Sisters, Third Order Brothers and Sisters who do not live in community, and Associates.

Please check our newsletter archives for more stories about the Sisters, our ministries, and our concerns.