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We invite you to become a Companion of The Society of St. Francis, an international religious community of men and women within the Anglican Communion, inspired by the 13th century mystic Saint Francis of Assisi. The Society of St. Francis consists of 

Perhaps God is leading you to follow the little poor man of Assisi in order that your love for God and creation may grow. Perhaps God is calling to you through a heart hurting with emptiness in the midst of material plenty. Perhaps you are in need of prayerful support in your life. Perhaps you have gifts God is calling you to share. Perhaps you feel called to work on behalf of the poor and marginalized. We welcome men, women, lay, clergy, married, single, young and old to join us as Companions in our diverse Franciscan family.

The Franciscan Life

The three notes of the Franciscan life are the gifts of the Holy Spirit: humility, love and joy.

Humility reveals to us that we have nothing that we have not received and so encourages us to live in an attitude of thankfulness to God. Love comes to us freely so that we may give it freely to all, especially the unloved. Joy may be experienced in the midst of darkness and difficulty, so we are called to share the sufferings of the world that the power of the Spirit within us may reveal the joy and glory of God. Through these three gifts, Franciscans attempt, in the name of Christ, to break down all barriers that segregate the human family and work toward a day when all people will be united in equality and fellowship. We long to reflect the openness to all which was characteristic of Jesus.


  1. To make our Lord Jesus known and loved everywhere through the witness of our daily lives.
  2. To spread the spirit of love and unity within the family of God.
  3. To live simply in a spirit of good stewardship and generosity.


  1. To pray to God and read some verses of the Bible every day.
  2. To attend Holy Communion regularly.
  3. To make use of the sacrament of reconciliation or some other method of examination of conscience and penance.
  4. To practice responsible stewardship of resources.
  5. To support your Franciscan Brothers and Sisters in the Society of St. Francis through your prayers and gifts.
  6. To respond to God's call to the service of others in the situation of your life.
  7. To deepen your knowledge of God and the faith through study and retreats.
  8. To write a Rule of Life and correspond with the Secretary for Companions at least once a year.


  1. If you feel that God is calling you to become a Companion, write a letter telling us about yourself and why you feel called to join our Franciscan family. Write to:

    Br. Damien Joseph SSF, Secretary for Companions
    San Damiano Friary
    573 Dolores Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110

  2. After receiving guidelines from the Secretary for Companions, write your
    Rule of Life and ask a friend who knows you well to send in a letter of recommendation.

  3. Upon receipt of your Rule and the recommendation, the Secretary will let you know how to arrange a reception service and will send you the Companion's pin.

Having said all that, we hope you will still feel drawn towards the Companions of the Society of St. Francis. May God bless you on your journey.