Becoming a Sister maggie's vows


Entrance into the Religious Life is a gradual process of mutual discernment between the individual and the community, study and formation and “on-job-training.” For the Community of St. Francis, a vocation to the life means a call:



  1. Contact the Novice Guardian CSF, St. Francis
    House, 3743 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco CA 94110

  2. Complete the Inquirer’s Questionnaire

  3. Arrange at least one Inquirer’s visit to St. Francis House

  4. Submit an application for membership with references

  5. Undergo a background check, physical and psychological tests

  6. Make an Aspirant’s longer visit (if possible)

  7. Postulancy: (at least 3 months) a time of living with the community

  8. Novitiate: (3 years) a time of education and trying out the life (after receiving the habit)

  9. First Profession: a time of more specialized education and training and further incorporation into the life of the community

  10. Life Profession: full membership in the Community


For further information, see"Consider Your Call."