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June 2017
"Friends, Visitors, Associates"

December 2016

June 2016

December 2015

June 2015
"The Family Link-30 Yrs"

November 2014
"Brother Ass"

May 2014
"The Poor Are with Us"

December 2013
"Ever-Widening Circles"

July 2013
"Old and Young Together"

December 2012

June 2012

December 2011

June 2011
"Easing the Suffering"

December 2010

May 2010

December 2009
"Franciscan Poverty"

July 2009
"General Convention"

December 2008

June 2008
"CSF Around the World"

December 2007
"Newness Enters In"

June 2007
"Justice and Peace Among All People"

December 2006
"Sacred Places"

December 2005
"Called to be Healers"

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